About AnimAction


The Language of animation is universal. It speaks to all ages and transcends cultural barriers. It is a powerful means of communication. We started AnimAction in 1989 with a single purpose in mind Рto give young people the opportunity to experience the spirit of collaboration, develop new skills, and exercise their creative freedom through the magical medium of animation. AnimAction is a media-arts project based learning program that integrates with K-12 curriculum so that Learners can create their own animated content. Developing today’s much needed skills is a key focus in our programs.

We are proud to state that these goals have been more than met in hundreds of AnimAction workshops. We invite you now to view a sampling of our activities and the multifaceted programs designed as constructive tools for young students.

We hope you’ll consider giving AnimAction a chance to introduce these experiences to your students and teachers.


Youth work together in teams to develop and produce short animated Public Service Announcements (PSAs) or messages in this challenging and fun environment. Our process is the key, and AnimAction is the tool, as these young citizens begin to recognize their role as “change agents.” Students’ ideas come to life and when finally screened they begin to realize the importance of the democratic process and their role in this dynamic exchange.

AnimAction’s Awareness Through Animation is a unique hands-on experiential program designed to engage youth in small group discussions and collaborative problem solving to increase their awareness of various socially relevant personal growth subjects, (social topics of concern). The focus of this program encourages students to think critically about issues of citizenship and community.

AnimAction also incorporates art, animation and life-skills development. Ultimately, K-12 youth filmmakers will create and produce animated shorts.

Since 1989, AnimAction has been conducting programs in schools with youth of all ages around the world. The AnimAction-Awareness Through Animation Program has worked successfully with thousands of youth to date.