Featured Programs

Fun and Health

AnimAction’s “Fun and Health!” Nutrition Program is vetted and approved by the LAUSD Nutrition Network. “Fun and Health” is one of only a few nutrition programs that has been accepted and fit the rigorous California Nutrition Network curriculum set by the LAUSD.

TUPE (Tobacco Use Prevention Education)

Since 1991, AnimAction has been conducting our TUPE Program and have grown it into being one of the most successful TUPE Programs out there. As a result of this success, other programs have modeled themselves on AnimAction and the original, “Awareness Through Animation” program.

Our TUPE programs (which include the vaping phenomenon and hookah smoking) have been designed to work with K-12 grade students. Ultimately, students collaborate in a hands-on experiential workshop environment which provides the exciting opportunity to produce their own animation. The program incorporates a combination of student research-time, critical thinking skills, teamwork, media literacy, advocacy and fun.

OUR TUPE PROGRAM HAS BEEN PUBLISHED: Project ABCD is featured on California Healthy Kids Resource Center website under Research-Validated Programs and TUPE Innovative Programs.